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22 September 2020 - 23 September 2020
Digital Matchmaking Event 2020


1. Costs

  1. The participation in the event Spotlight on European Supply Chain and Logistics Innovation is free of charge.

2. Organisers

  1. The main organisers of the event are startport and ZENIT GmbH/NRW.Europa
  2. startport is the innovation platform for logistics and supply chain. The
    mission: Connecting startups and companies at the logistics location
    Duisburg. Home of the world’s largest inland container port and 350
    transport and logistics companies, Duisburg is the leading logistics hub
    in Europe. More information on https://startport.net

3. The Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

  1. The event ist coorganised the Enterprise Europe Network.
  2. The service of the Enterprise Europe Network is free of charge.
  3. When registering you can pick a so called Support Office. "Support Office" is related to the place where you are geographically based. You should pick the support office from your country & region. If your region does not have a local support office or your office isn't available on this page, please select "I don't know my support office".
  4. Since the mediation of contacts between event participants is a goal of the EEN, we are pleased about feedback and every information about organisations you could initiate follow-up activities with.

4. The Matchmaking

  1. You can find detailed information regarding the creation of profiles, marketplace entries or the booking of meetings on How it works. You can also contact your support office or the organisers Benno WeißnerAgnieszka Kaminska-Swiat or Johannes Böhmer for further questions.
  2. If you cannot attend the event please cancel your meetings through the platform so your meeting partner will get a notification.
  3. The Matchmaking will take place online.

5. The B2Match app

  1. You can download the app via Google Play (Android) or the Apple store.
  2. Registration via the app is not possible. Please register first via your browser. The app can only be used for managing your meeting schedule.
  3. If you cannot attend the meeting please cancel its through the app so your meeting partner will get a notification.

6. Follow-up

  1. This event is funded by the European Commission and the State of North Rhine Westphalia. The participation is free of charge. However collecting the results is part of our reporting duty towards the EU Commission. Thus we need your feedback on the meetings you had.

For more news around the Enterprise Europe Network go to
Twitter: @NRWEuropa and @EEN_Deutschland
Instagram: @nrw.europa
Closed since 23 September 2020
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Participants 251
Meetings 162
Germany 189
France 20
Belgium 17
Austria 14
United States 8
Netherlands 7
Croatia 7
Ukraine 7
Finland 6
Greece 6
Türkiye 6
United Kingdom 5
South Africa 5
Spain 4
Israel 4
Tunisia 4
Romania 3
Poland 3
Portugal 3
Slovenia 2
Lithuania 2
Saudi Arabia 2
Italy 2
Ireland 2
Bulgaria 2
Denmark 2
Switzerland 2
Ghana 2
India 2
Estonia 1
Sweden 1
Oman 1
Peru 1
Namibia 1
North Macedonia 1
Canada 1
Brazil 1
United Arab Emirates 1
Total 347
Company 282
Other 21
University 15
Association/Agency 12
Authority/Government 11
R&D Institution 6
Total 347
Profile views
Before event 9849
After event 662
Total 10511