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22 September 2020 - 23 September 2020
Digital Matchmaking Event 2020

How it works: Matchmaking


  • Select your sessions. Here you can indicate the time framework when you will be available to meet other participants.

Please be aware that in order to meet someone at the event, you must have indicated at least one common session. Thus it is recommended to reserve some time for the meetings and select more than one session.

Set up a company profile (during registration)

  • Create a short description of your company. (Working language is English)

By choosing keywords you can specify the business fields your company works in.

    Set up marketplace entries

    • Create marketplace opportunities.

    Display what you are looking for and/or what you can offer to potential partners. You can add several offers or requests.
    The more detailed your entries are the more suitable meeting requests you will receive.

    Request meetings

    • Meeting requests should be accepted or declined. Only those meetings accepted will be scheduled!

    The person who is invited to a meeting may choose a timeslot for the meeting when accepting it. By default the B2Match system will suggest the earliest available common timeslot. However any other common timeslot offered by the system can be chosen.

    Last but not least: Do not only wait for others to request meetings with you but browse the marketplace and participants list and book meetings actively yourself.


    • the video tool is already integrated onto this website
    • check your audio quality, using headphones if possible
    • use a good webcam to improve the image quality

    Please download the B2Match App to check and manage your meetings on the day of the event!
    Download the app via Google Play (Android) or via the Apple Store.
    Closed since 23 September 2020
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    Participants 251
    Meetings 162
    Germany 189
    France 20
    Belgium 17
    Austria 14
    United States 8
    Netherlands 7
    Croatia 7
    Ukraine 7
    Finland 6
    Greece 6
    Türkiye 6
    United Kingdom 5
    South Africa 5
    Spain 4
    Israel 4
    Tunisia 4
    Romania 3
    Poland 3
    Portugal 3
    Slovenia 2
    Lithuania 2
    Saudi Arabia 2
    Italy 2
    Ireland 2
    Bulgaria 2
    Denmark 2
    Switzerland 2
    Ghana 2
    India 2
    Estonia 1
    Sweden 1
    Oman 1
    Peru 1
    Namibia 1
    North Macedonia 1
    Canada 1
    Brazil 1
    United Arab Emirates 1
    Total 347
    Company 282
    Other 21
    University 15
    Association/Agency 12
    Authority/Government 11
    R&D Institution 6
    Total 347
    Profile views
    Before event 9849
    After event 662
    Total 10511